7877 Skimikin Road
Chase, BC, V0E 1M1
Phone: 250-679-2778
Email: donkeyrefuge@gmail.com
Our Mission: To Provide a Safe and Permanent Home 
for Neglected, Abused, or Unwanted Donkeys.

Turtle Valley Donkey Refuge 

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Planning Ahead: 
Winter Hay 2015/16 

Thank you to everyone who has donated to our Winter Hay! 

Thanks to your generosity we have reached our goal!  

What a wonderful gift for the holiday season!  

It really means the world to the Refuge to have your support in feeding our long-ears.  We are especially grateful as we have rescued over 10 donkeys and mules in just November and December alone.  With these extra mouths to feed, we feel very blessed by your support of our mission to rescue and rehabilitate donkeys in need in Western Canada.

Any surplus funds will be used for special mash, which we always need. 

We now have over 100 donkeys in our care.  We hope to see you soon - come visit us at our special open house on Sunday, December 27, 2015.  (details above)
If you are interested in donating towards the donkey's winter meals than please click below to donate and we will be happy to issue you an official Tax Receipt.  Your donations will be helping each donkey enjoy a nutritious meal twice a day throughout the winter months of 2015-2016 and your help will be greatly appreciated.   

Hay is approximately $7.50/Bale now.  We thank you for helping us keep everyone's tummy filled this winter!



Are you BRAY-VE?

Join our Bray-ve Heart Donors who donate monthly to help with the care of the donkeys.  Each monthly donation assists with the cost of medical care, dental care, hoof care and also the important cost of feeding the donkeys at the Refuge.  

No matter the size of the donation whether it is $5.00 a month or $500.00 a month they all assist with the rescue and rehabilitation of the donkeys in need.  
Donkeys like Gracie and Sissy who were attacked by a cougar in the spring of 2014 and they needed to be moved to a safe place for their safety and recovery. 

Gracie and Sissy will now enjoy their permanent home at the Donkey Refuge.

Each monthly donation receives an Official Tax Receipt. 

We thank you for becoming a Bray-ve Heart Donor.

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Would you like to Opt Out of our Paper Mail Newsletter?  Click here to Opt Out.  Your change will be noted in our database and you will get your next bi-annual Newsletter via Email only.  If you didn't receive your copy of the summer Newsletter, go here to get a copy.

We are now 
Closed for Winter.

Thank you!

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Kiki showing his lessons learned under the tutelage of Jim (Fergie) Ferguson.